Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time Flies when you are half way around the world....and cross the International Date Line!

Last week I was speaking with my eldest grandson, NOAH, on Face time and my husband overheard me say I had already lived Friday and it was a great day so his Friday should be fantastic!
Well, I hope it was very special. My Saturday was better, because I got to speak with him and some of his siblings....
But where does the time fly to?
In the past month I have had a brother die and a friend die. It makes me pause, pray and refocus.
God is in charge of everything, but I try so hard to take charge of my schedule. May I ask His advice daily about what is a good use of my time. I thought I would be on the internet more when I moved to Oz, but so far that has not been the case. Life has been happening to us, around us and through us at a rapid pace. Therefore the internet has been used mostly for direct communication with my sweet Ky and MI families.
Now that we are more settled and used to the ways of life here I hope to share some of my experiences, friends, creations and love with you.
Have a wonderful day!
Always, Alayne

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