Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentines Day ....embossing with a toaster?

American Heat Gun didn't like Australian Electricity!

The first time I crafted in Oz I chose a simple card set that the local Ashgrove scrapbooking group were using at a workshop. I was pleased that I brought my heatgun as one of my packed tools. After I got my ink on the kraft paper pennant pieces I plugged my heater in with an adapter....and lo and behold only a little sound came out of the gun and very little air from the blower. There was not enough power to operate the gun.  What now?????
I remembered the past, before I owned a heat gun how I use to use a toaster to heat the embossing powder. Why not?  It is worth a try. So I held the papers above the toaster an moved them constantly so there wouldn't be a chance for the paper to catch fire.  It worked!  Not easy, but doable.
When I went to the Ashgrove stamp group the leader (Melissa) offered me the use of a heat gun that had Austtralian plugs.  I gladly accepted and my next project embossed much easier.
I think I take my well stocked craftroom for granted!  I am very thankful for Melissa, Donna and Shirley for being very generous and sharing their craft toys and tool with me while I am down under.
Always, Alayne

Cut Above...Blossom Card Kit

Gather all supplies before you begin....

You can stamp image, sprinkle with embossing powder (I used clear detail powder on top of Pomegranate pigment ink)

Stamped images can be embossed much later, just be careful that powder doesn't rub off.

If you use a toaster do not let paper burn, keep in motion.

Do all stamping before assembling the cards, including a signature tag on the back of the cards.

Attach stamped images and diecuts. Use foam tape for dimension if you choose. Add sparkles or other embellishments.

Decorate your envelopes also!

Cut Above kits come with different themes.  My grandkids like the bowtied giraffe!  The stamped image can be different for one or more cards to make this kit very adaptable.

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