Friday, February 17, 2012

Time passes quickly.....Enjoy!

Time passes so quickly, life happens and some goals get pushed aside. My blogging has fallen to the wayside during this mild, but busy winter season.
This week I spent some time cleaning out closets to help meet my goal of becoming more of a consumer not a collector of scrapbooking treasures. During the process I discovered some retired product from the Silhouette paper pack. I have been using Studio J to make some layouts of past weddings using that great black and white retired "paper". When I came accross a mini album it reminded me of friends, people, places and God's blessings.
 I am posting a few pictures of that album to encourage you to make your own album using up some of your stash, so you too become more a consumer rather than a collector of our great Close to My Heart products. Enjoy!

To start his album make a binding That is about 3 1/2" high by about 4" wide. Score at 1" and at 1/2" intervals, ending with a 1" tab at the end. You then want to add some 2 sided adhesive (like red line) to the first 1/2" scored area and every other one. You then put a piece of ribbon in the center of the spine and under the covers of the album. Leave extra ribbon to tie the book with a bow.

  Feel free to call me for further instructions or clarification since I don't have photos of all the steps. (859-421-4423) or e-mail: Enjoy capturing your special moments and blessings in your own mini album.

coaster accordian album
This cover was made from 4"coasters covered with cardstock and background and texture paper. I decorated it with a stamped image on overhead transparency plastic and a stamped Bible verse.
top of coaster accordian album
This shows the top of the album with the pages attached to the spine.
page 3 & 4 coaster album
The desert sand color in the center of the album shows where the pages are attached to the scored spine.
p 5 &6 coaster album inside back cover coaster album

Take time to journal your little album because as I started this blog entry I reminded you that time passes quickly. Today it is my middle daughters special birthday!  It seemed like only a few weeks ago that she was born, yet now she is a mom and wife and all grown up....if you don't write it down you might not remember where and when as you grow older. So do as I say and not as I do and journal.  The little babe in my arms is now 4 1/2 years old.  If it was only a few weeks ago that my daugher was born, it was only minutes ago that I became a grandmother.

So please take heed of the verse on this little album and remember that there is a time and season for everything.  Enjoy each day you are blessed with.

Always,  Alayne

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