Saturday, September 17, 2011

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.”I John 5:18a

How come I feel fearful sometimes?
I really enjoy meeting new people but sometimes I feel inadequate to meet peoples needs.  I want to simplify my life enough that I can have time and energy to serve those in my life. So..time for accountability.  I need practical everyday tips to continue help me keep my focus on what is important. This week I will start by memorizing J John 5:18.

Scrapbook in a box:  How to.

This week at Thursday craft time the top of the Scrapbook in a box was demonstrated.  Once you make this top a couple of times you won’t forget how to do it. Meanwhile I am posting step by step instructions to help you make this sweet little box for you and your friends. This is a great gift idea!

Find center of 12 x 12 paper, fold points to center, then fold points to center of first fold line.


Now fold point to center of opposite first fold line. (Do all four points.)
Cut 2 sets of parallel lines to the four corners of top of the box.

There are lots of folds now. You are going to start by folding the little triangles in on the edges of the big triangles.

 Next you start making the sides of the box by folding up 2 sides of the box edges, using the large triangle pieces.
The center strip of paper is now folded down over the 2 sides you made previously. The points all meet in the center of the box. You can glue the points if you like.
You can pick any color you like for the boxes. The next pictures are from one of my favorite retired sets from Close To My Heart.

Box base made from 4 pieces of Cardstock

Pick out 4 pieces of cardstock for the base. Each layer is 1/4 inch smaller than the last.
Bottom of box: 12” x 12”
Layer 2: 113/4” x 113/4”
Layer 3” 11 1/2"x 11 1/2½” 
Center layer: 11 1/4”x 11 1/4"
Cut out a 4”square from each corner of all four layers. Save for matts.

Fold all base pieces toward the center square.
Anchor the layers together by taping or using adhesive on the bottoms of the inner 3 layers. Place them on top of each other centering the center pieces.

You now have the base of your Scrapbox in a box made!  It is ready to accent and decorate as you like. I recommend that you place your pictures facing in one direction so it is easy for the viewer to see them without having to twist the box.

The four inch squares you cut off can be made into tags to decorate with and journal spots, etc. Be creative and make it your own!

Display  your scrapbook in a box on your table or mantle and then when people enjoy it you can discern if they want to look at your larger albums!

Now I think I will start a new Scrapbook in a box using the Sonoma paper pack from Close To My Heart!

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