Friday, January 13, 2012

Join me to "play" with Roxie next Saturday!

Roxie Workshop Reminder:
 Saturday 9:30am, January 21st

If you didn't purchase the workshop kit ahead of time, there will be some available for purchase, or you can use other paper to make the same layouts.
I will also have 2 page kits available for $6 using the Roxie paper kit.

This is what I did with the Workshop on the go kit:

I also want to remind you that we have a great special this month called Rock The Block!  It is a fun project using a preview from the new Idea Book that goes live February 1st.

Since I was working with Roxie for the workshop I used leftover paper to cover my blocks. I will post a how to blog soon because I took pictures as I made mine.  (Hint: make 6 inch pages first, then cut them into 2 inch squares to attach them).

Well, all for now...will work on that tutorial so you can make your blocks ROCK!

Have a great day!
Always, Alayne

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  1. Saturday I will also offer a 2 (TO 3)page
    layout using this Roxie paper that
    works great with
    our Flip Flap page
    protectors. It is based on the
    The design called Subtitles
    from the Imagine book by
    Jeanette R. Lynton (P.94)
    So feel free to join
    the morning workshop
    even if you haven't
    purchased a kit yet,
    I will have some extra
    available. (pre-cut).

    Also, new Idea Books will
    be on sale! buy one
    for $4 and get a coupon for
    $4 off your first $25 order.
    Always, Alayne


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